The Team

Yvonne Hedeker and David Allen



We want to personally thank you for your interest in the DreamSpa. 

We love bringing this technology to consumers; everyone likes to feel their best.  And we love using it!  We know first hand how incredible the benefits and experience can be.  We use it daily and like many of our customers we say "We're addicted to feeling so good!".

We are so sure you will fall in love we offer a risk free 90 day money back guarantee.

Our number one advice to our customers: use it, use it, use it least 3 times a week. It's designed to to be enjoyed and to benefit you over a lifetime. The results are progressive. 

Some benefits may be obvious right away.  You may immediately notice a wonderful improvement in your energy, your ability to deeply relax, your sleep, and more.  Some customers see it and feel it right away.  For others it may be initially subtle. You may need more time to really notice results.

Regardless, the most important changes take place very deep and you may not be aware of the transformation as it unfolds.  Everyone is different.  Whether you feel it right away or not, we know its working!

You may be like us and from time to time be surprised how "all of sudden" you feel amazing.. 

We are entrepreneurs at heart and Light Health Research is our favorite entrepreneurial adventure.  David's background is in operations, systems and software.  Yvonne is a CPA and a clinical hypnotherapist. We are both have an avid interest in wellness and are passionate about helping others.

Always feel free to contact us personally.  We love to connect with you and answer any questions.

We wish you wellness, joy and a full, vibrant life!

Yvonne Hedeker & David Allen

ps. our pets love using the DreamSpa too.

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