• Recharge Your Cells

    with DreamSpa Light

  • Reboot Your Brain

    Experience Mental clarity, creativity, and focus

  • Enjoy

    Greater Energy and Vitality

  • Experience

    Profound Stress Relief

  • Improve Sleep

    Rest, Restore, re-energize

  • Uplift Mood

    Increase Feel Good Endorphins and Alleviate SAD

  • Radiant Beauty

    Beautiful Skin, Hair, & Nails

  • Each Session

    Feels Like an Amazing Power Nap

DreamSpa® Light System

...is like no other phototherapy device, delivering progressive benefits and an amazing experience of renewal.

Reverse the visible and felt effects of stress and aging. Enjoy a whole new level of well-being.

Increase your energy and vitality, uplift your mood, improve sleep, enhance memory, focus, and mental clarity, experience profound stress reduction, and enjoy radiant, youthful beauty. 

DreamSpa is a safe, natural, and a drug free way to repair and regenerate at a cellular level, from the inside out!

Easy and Convenient

Professional grade for home or office use.

5 Multiwave programs and Brainwave Entrancement®

Risk free 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

2 Year Warranty

Payment plans available - including interest free!

Recharge your body and reboot your brain whenever you want!

Easy to use, at the push of two buttons.

Safe for all ages.

Cuistomer Testimonials

Light is a Missing Nutrient

for optimal wellness

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Customer Testimonials

Brainwave Entrancement®

Rest & Reboot Your Brain

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Payment Plans

As low as $175 a month!

Interest free options available

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